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"With more than ten million frequent flyer miles on one airline alone, I know a little about travel. Denise Pirrotti Hummelís Speak Milk. Drink Wine. has taught this die-hard traveler much about making dreams reality. Itís an inspiring tale and a joy to read!"

- Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, "MOJO" and "What Got You Here Won't Get You There"

"While it may be tempting to categorize SPEAK MILK. DRINK WINE. as the family version of Under the Tuscan Sun, the reality is that Italy is merely a succulent backdrop to a memoir that challenges all of us to be who we are meant to be, to shed our fears, and to seize life now and squeeze every drop of vino bianco out of it."

- Markus Odermatt, General Manager, Grand Hotel at Villa Feltrinelli, Lake Garda, Italy

"We Americans have spent the past century doing everything within our power to speed up the process of inhaling food at our desks, in our car, and standing at the kitchen counter. The Italians have spent centuries cultivating the art of preparing whole, fresh, unadulterated food for the sole pleasure of consuming it in as long and drawn out a manner as possible. In SPEAK MILK. DRINK WINE, Denise Perrotti Hummel, J.D. has captured the essence of why the Italians have raised generations of fit, happy people, while we're running on a perpetual treadmill that burns calories, without ever getting us any closer to a fulfilling life."

- Dr. Susan P. Rubin, HHC, Founder, Better School Food; Founding Member, SLOW FOOD, Westchester County, New York Convivia

There are clear scientific reasons for rejecting the label ADD when it comes to our children, but if you don't believe them, remove your kids from planet America for awhile and drop them onto another cultural planet, as Denise Perrotti Hummel, J.D. has set forth in SPEAK MILK. DRINK WINE, and you may find that the conglomeration of symptoms for which you considered medicating your child, suddenly disappear.

- Michael B. Finkelstein, MD., F.A.C.P, A.B.H.M., Founder, Sun Raven New York and the former Chief of Medicine, Westchester County Medical Center, New York

"We call Denise Perrotti Hummel, J.D. our "recovering attorney." We were impressed by her savvy, her passion, and her willingness to re-invent herself. She has masterfully sets forth in SPEAK MILK. DRINK WINE, the courage to leave behind a life that most would describe as the quintessential American dream, for one that has the potential for true, lasting happiness."

- Michelle Snaddon, Editor-In-Chief, Just the Planet, the online luxury travel magazine

"People talk about the movement of Peace Through Tourism, but the reality is that unless more people are willing to raise their children in an inclusive environment that is based on the experience of transcending cultures, belief-systems, languages, and traditions for more than a day here and there, or even a two-week vacation, we'll never truly understand others, let alone ourselves. Denise Perrotti Hummel, J.D., in SPEAK MILK. DRINK WINE. makes it clear that it is not enough to just travel. One must move about in the world conscious of the opportunity to promote understanding and tolerance."

- John Graff, J.D., Chairman, George Washington University Tourism and Hospitality Management Advisory Council; Member, Board of Directors, International Institute of Peace Through Tourism
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